Your college apartment has been the setting for your best and worst moments. Celebrations have been had and messes have been made, making it both bittersweet and overwhelming to move out. As the time on your lease comes to an end, here are a few tips to help you tackle the most time-consuming (and expensive) move-out tasks. Focus on these, and you’re likely to see that security deposit come back!


It must be defrosted, cleaned inside and outside and turned back on the lowest setting. This can take hours depending on the severity of the job. Do not unplug or turn off the refrigerator (this could be costly)! Don’t forget to thoroughly clean the seals on the doors.

Common Mistake: Do not use a knife to scrape out ice. If the knife should happen to slip and puncture the freezer, you will be charged to repair the hole or replace the entire refrigerator.



Clean inside and out. Scrub with a sponge to remove powder residue, soap scum, and hair.

When you are done in the bathroom, kneel and look at the ceramic tile by the tub to see if the soap scum is completely gone. Also, look at the soap dish and toothbrush holder this way to make sure the bottoms of these are clean.

Double Triple check the bathroom to make sure that all hair is gone.


Oven & Stovetop

Clean the oven and then turn it on for a few minutes. If it dries with a white residue, take a clean wet cloth and wipe it off.

Clean all surfaces of the stovetop and underneath the top burners. Instead of cleaning the drip pans, it is usually cheaper to replace them. You can find replacements at any store with a kitchen department.

When you are finished in the kitchen, look at the ceramic tile at an angle to check for any grease spots that may have been missed. Also, don’t forget to check the bottom and edges of the range hood for leftover grease.

 How to clean an oven:



The floor must be thoroughly vacuumed; all debris must be picked up. Check your lease or call the leasing office to see if you are responsible to have the carpets professionally cleaned.

In our case, The Apartment Store will contract professionals to have the carpets cleaned. Residents should NOT go through the time and expense of hiring their own cleaner. The carpet cleaning charge will be conveniently deducted from the security deposit as it states in the lease agreement.


Walls & Ceilings

Walls and ceilings should be washed clean of spills, finger marks, bike tire marks, and any other marks. These are not considered normal wear and tear. We recommend using Mr. Clean magic erasers!

Don’t forget the closets! These must be cleaned, swept and scrubbed.


These are the biggest and most time-consuming areas to clean. Of course, the entire apartment should be as clean as, if not cleaner than, when you moved in. Hopefully, these reminders help you get your security deposit back. We wish you the best of luck!


by Bailey weber



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