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Routine, diets, goals … anyone else watching all the hard work you’ve completed fly out the window while you are stuck in quarantine? Once a routine is broken, it’s hard to get back on track, especially with unlimited access to your kitchen. Have you been in a rut lately? Need a new way to find that gym flow? Here are our favorite ways to stay fit even while stuck at home!

1. Schedule it into your day. If you don’t put it on your calendar, chances are, it’s not going to happen. Working it into your daily schedule will give you a welcome reprieve from schoolwork and make you less likely to procrastinate. Personally, I’m a fan of the early morning workout to clear my head and get a jump on the day. Plus, it’s one less thing to think about later.

2. Seek out accountability. Most people are drawn to group fitness classes because they keep you accountable and engaged. Find a friend (or two) who is equally missing gym time and hop on a video call to work out together! Set a timer and challenge each other or take turns leading a workout.

Some ideas:

  • How many squats can you do in 1 minute?
  • How many push ups can you complete in 3 minutes?
  • Who can hold the longest plank?

3. Try online workouts. There are many free resources accessible right from your phone, computer, or smart TV. You may even know or follow someone who is creating great fitness content on social media or YouTube. There are also plenty of virtual events to help motivate you. Passionate about a charity? Search for a virtual 5K to help raise awareness and get you moving. How can you find the right online workout for you?

Some ideas:

  • Search by type of workout. Do you enjoy traditional cardio, lifting weights, dance aerobics, etc?
  • Research your options that offer sample workouts.
  • Stick with the program. Many online instructors have a workout that progresses over the course of a 4-8 week program to help you stay focused.

4. Dedicate a space for your workouts. It’s much easier to work out when you have a space that can function as a home gym. Having a dedicated space will make you more likely to use it for working out regularly.

Some tips:

  • Keep the area safe by clearing clutter, furniture, etc.
  • Have your equipment accessible: water, towel, mat, bands, weights, etc.

5. Be creative with equipment. Don’t have weights? No problem. You probably have many items in your home that can be used to maximize your workout efforts.

Some ideas:

  • Fill a backpack with books do exercises like single-arm rows, squats, even chest presses.
  • Put canned goods to good use when doing arm flutters or even curls.
  • Use stairs for cardio. You can get a cardio workout just by walking or running up and down them a few times. Add that heavy backpack for weight resistance.
  • Use a chair for dips. Place hands on both front corners of the seat, extend your legs, bend your elbows to lower yourself down, then straighten your arms to raise yourself back up. Dips are great for triceps, and you can catch up on Netflix while doing them!


Don’t let this time at home keep you from your fitness goals. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you get started:

  1. Keep it simple. You can always increase the intensity. A simple exercise can become challenging as you add more reps and more resistance.
  2. Keep it safe. Don’t try something that you know your body cannot handle.
  3. Explore & stay consistent. Try new ways to get in your workouts. You may find something new to love.

Stay fit & safe, friends. Happy exercising!


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