As I get older, and life gets harder, I am realizing more and more everyday just how much effort goes into becoming an adult. Paying bills on time, making sure there is food in the house, learning how to take care of myself (or diagnosing myself with some horrifying disease on WebMD) … the list goes on. I know how stressed I am just doing it for myself, but to be doing it for a child? You deserve the world!

So, here is my thank you:

Thank you for always loving me even when I was stubborn. I haven’t always been the perfect child. Like that time I cut my hair or the night I snuck out after you said no. But after all of it, you’ve loved me more and more. Thank you for believing in my dreams. I may not be the astronaut I told you I wanted to be when I was six, but I’ve reached many goals and accomplishments, and every time I turn around, it’s you I see in my corner. I couldn’t have done a majority of it without your guidance and encouragement.

Thank you for listening to me cry over and over again when it felt like my world was crashing down. When you are young, everything seems like the end of the world. Luckily, I had Superman and Superwoman to turn to. Even now when I am overwhelmed and stressed, you know exactly what to say to keep me grounded. I’ll always be grateful for that.

Lastly, thank you for showing me that unconditional love does exist. I’ve met so many people in my life that just came and went or only stuck around for the good times. But not you two. I could be the absolute meanest person, and you would still welcome me in with arms wide open. There is no love stronger than the one you’ve shown me my entire life.

I guess the saying, “When you are older, you’ll understand” is true. The older I get, the more I understand just how much sacrifice and struggle it took to help me reach my dreams. I understand why you said no every time something wasn’t going to work out the way I saw it, and I understand why I didn’t get that expensive gift on Holidays when you were more focused on keeping the heat on. I know you’re proud to be my parents, but I’m proud to call you my parents.

Who do you have to thank? Take the time to let them know!

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