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It’s no secret that in today’s world burnout is a very real thing and seems to have increased since the pandemic began.  Usually a way to unwind is by watching our favorite show or scrolling mindlessly through social media.  However, those activities take a toll on our eyes and can lead to more stress instead of reducing it.  Next time you feel yourself getting overwhelmed try doing one of these tasks to help reset your brain.

1.) Doodle/Make Art

Having a hobby is a great way to express one’s self and it can help take our mind off of daunting tasks or even help get us through them.  One doesn’t have to be Picasso to make art, you can mindlessly doodle on a scratch piece of paper.  Remember, you aren’t trying to sell the art so it doesn’t matter how “good” it looks.

2.) Cook Your Favorite Meal/Snack

Everyone has to eat and trying new recipes or baking your favorite snack can give you a break from the world around you.  Cooking requires a lot of concentration which usually hinders other thoughts from bouncing around inside our heads.  Plus, the results can be very delicious!

3.) Organize Your Space

Whether it just be your desk or your entire space, organizing and cleaning can help get the body up and moving.  This is a great time to put on your favorite tunes as it can make time go by a little quicker and make the task more enjoyable.

4.) Meditate

When your brain is running a mile a minute, it can be difficult to shut everything out.  Meditating can be as simple as sitting in a quiet place and taking a few deep breaths just to center yourself.  This activity is very beneficial whether you do it for a few minutes or a whole hour.

5.) Take a Walk

Taking a walk can help in a multitude of ways.  It requires us to go outside and if you’re working at a desk, there aren’t a lot of opportunities during the day to enjoy the outdoors .  It also gets our heart rate up which can release endorphins and boost our mood.

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