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.You must be moved out by May 17, 2021. If you want an inspection, you must schedule before May 10, 2021.

If you become sick and are self-quarantining during move-out day, please contact our office for additional accommodations as soon as you know you will not be able to attend the scheduled move-out day.

Please see the manual above on “How To Get Your Security Deposit Back” for a refresher to all residents and guarantors of the procedures for move-out. Reviewing these items in advance makes it possible for you to receive a full security deposit refund (minus mandatory carpet cleaning). This manual will explain in detail the guidelines for cleaning your apartment at the end of your lease term.

The security deposit is refunded within 30 days of the day that the last resident of the apartment surrenders possession minus any deductions. Checks are mailed to the address left on file upon surrender of your apartment, please do not forget to give us a good address to mail your check to. DO NOT LEAVE KEYS IN YOUR APARTMENT, we will have no way of knowing that you have moved out, and you will be charged $50 per day for each day over the end of your lease term.

For those of you returning to your apartment in the Fall WHO HAVE A GAP IN YOUR LEASES, you MUST clean out ALL food items and ensure all garbage is taken to the dumpster), complete a Surrender of Possession form and return your apartment and mailbox keys, along with your key card (if applicable) to the leasing office at the end of your lease term. You are permitted to keep personal belongings in the apartment. If you are a “we fill roommate matching” apartment, all personal belongings MUST be left in YOUR BEDROOM ONLY, and the common areas of the apartment MUST be left clean.

If you have a 12-month lease, with NO GAP, and are just leaving temporary, you do not need to turn in your keys, just ensure that apartment does not have garbage left, the refrigerator is empty, and simply shoot us an email letting us know that you have moved out for the time being, just so we can keep an inventory of who is physically on-site.

When you are all done moving totally out, or just moving out temporarily (renewal leases with a gap), you will want to put your keys in our drop slot, with a good forwarding address.

REMINDER: Your rent installment(s) are still due no later than the 5th of the month. Unfortunately, Bloomsburg University has no direct affiliation with The Apartment Store, and their status does not impact your lease status with us.

Returning residents with a GAP in their leases will receive an invoice for the difference in the amount owed toward their $350 deposit transfer for the upcoming Fall semester.


Grey Stone Court and 500 Club can do full apartment summer storage, however all six bedrooms have to do bedroom storage only.
Keys and Surrender of Possessions Document can be taken at the downtown office or put through the mail slot of the office at the 500 Club.

Prices & specials disclaimer: Some exclusions may apply. Rates and promotions subject to change.
Finishes and furnishings disclaimer: Finishes and floor plan details may vary by unit. Furnishings may vary by unit and number of roommates.

Rates are per person unless otherwise listed.