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While there are some furnished apartments that have the day-to-day, essential furniture in them, there are also unfurnished apartments that allow residents to start from scratch. Sometimes though, unfurnished apartments can seem scary, and people don’t know where to start. Here are some potential ideas on how to furnish your apartment without spending tons of money.

Facebook Marketplace:

You can find almost anything you’re looking for on Facebook Marketplace these days. A lot of the time there will be bed frames, dressers, couches, nightstands, etc. that are listed on Marketplace. Sometimes, you will get lucky enough to find an item listed as “free,” but make sure to see what the condition is like on it before you hit the “buy” button. Another friendly tip if a seller has multiple items you’re interested in, is to see if they are selling them in bundles, and maybe you can get a better deal that way.

Thrift Stores:

There are lots of thrift stores that have furniture sets or decorations for your apartment. While a lot of places don’t have brand new furniture, they do have some nice pieces that won’t break the bank. If you luck out on finding furniture, thrift stores (depending on how large they are) usually have a wide assortment of plates, cups, and sometimes small appliances that might just need cleaned up. If you really can’t find anything there, then Target also carries fifty cent plates and cups.

The Beloved Clearance Section:

Everyone’s favorite part of the store is always the clearance section. There’s always a good deal, and that can really help to brighten up your space. Candles, coffee mugs, silverware, wall décor, and even doormats are all possibilities of what you can find in the clearance section. A five-dollar fake plant or a couple of small pillows for your couch or bed can really make a space look nice, while not spending a bunch of money in the process.

Make your own decorations:

Connecting with your roommates is so important, especially since you’re going to be living with them for the school year! Creating decorations for your apartment can be fun and easy. Having a paint night with friends is a budget friendly way to get some cool art on the walls and have a good time. Adding some greenery to your place is as easy as finding some vases and fake plants at the dollar store and putting them together.

There are many great ways you can make your living space yours without breaking the bank. So, be creative and have fun with it! A well furnished and decorated space can really tell guests about your personality.

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