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The new year means a lot of great new opportunities for many people. The housing fairs that are happening virtually and in person during the Spring, can be a great opportunity to learn more about an off-campus lifestyle. This is a new experience for many, so we’re here to walk you through what to look out for when attending and important things to gain from the world of student housing.

Everyone has different goals from what they are looking to get out of their living space, especially students. Make sure you go in with a budget in mind so you can narrow down locations right away. Another great way to start the process is seeing if your location has parking if you have a car. If not, then it keeps your options open. You also will have to determine if things such as private bedrooms, in unit washers/dryers and more are important when looking into different properties. We have plenty of options for all the above, so be specific! They are there to help you and find a place you love.

Location, Location, Location
For bigger campuses, location can be very important when deciding where you or your student is going to live. If you know you want a specific area to meet your needs, make sure you get proper contact information and reach out to them ASAP in order to guarantee that spot before someone else does! This is also very important if you plan to find an apartment with a larger group.

Flyers are you friend
If you attend a housing fair in person, don’t be afraid to gather all the information you can! Many of the tables will have flyers that show everything from amenities to rates, so that way you can even sit down and compare them all side by side with family and friends. They also typically offer great FREE promotional items, so be sure to take advantage of this as well! Remember that gathering information doesn’t make you obligated to one choice.

Attending Virtually
Going to one of these fairs in person may not be an option for everyone. Thankfully, many campuses are offering a virtual experience of this fair! You can go on their website and register accordingly to save your spot. This is also a great opportunity to sit down with co-signers who may live farther away to go over options and see in depth what the space looks like with things such as virtual tours.

Whether it’s in person or virtual, Spring housing fairs are a great opportunity to go and find the best apartment for you! Make sure you take advantage of everything that may interest you and you’ll have no problem finding the perfect space.

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