College is hard enough without the stress of worrying who you’re going to be rooming with this fall. Some of us get lucky and have best friends or student org buddies turned roomies, but some of us have to complete a roommate matching survey and let fate run its course. It’s never easy living with someone you don’t know, but hopefully, these tips will make living with a stranger a little easier.


Be HONEST on your roommate matching form.

This makes it SO much easier for the leasing team to match you with someone that is best suited to your actual lifestyle. Leasing teams are the only eyes viewing your roommate matching survey, and there is no judgement. Being honest will set you up for a successful matching assignment. Get personal on your form and be sure that it details your personality and habits as best as possible.


Your roommate is in the SAME boat.

You are not alone in this journey. You may not know your future roommate, but they don’t know you either. Every fear and anxious thought you have is guaranteed to be shared by both of you. Calm your thoughts by reaching out to your roommate as soon as you get their contact information. Once you break the ice, you’ll both feel more comfortable.


Everyone is their OWN person.

My mom always said to me “Just because someone doesn’t think like you, doesn’t mean they are wrong.” That means accepting that not everyone does certain things the same way as you. Totally NORMAL! It comes with being your own person and a human being with your own experiences and opinions. Maybe your roommate won’t like the same things as you, that’s fine! That just gives you an opportunity to spend some time on yourself. #TreatYoSelf


It is not FOREVER.

Ideally, you want to meet your roommate, instantly hit it off, and become best friends. Majority of the time, that’s what happens. Unfortunately, there are rare cases where two roommates just don’t mesh. It happens. Before you go off the deep end, remind yourself that it is temporary. Make the best of the time you are together, but think ahead and make different arrangements for the following year. Stay focused on what’s important and just ride the waves!


Obviously, living with someone you’ve never met is a nerve-wracking experience. It comes with so many emotions, and the only thing you can control is your outlook on the situation. But you’re not alone. There are plenty of students just like you, going through the same situation. Just stay positive while you embark on this new journey and save the stress for classes!

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