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When can I move into my apartment? 

You will receive an email with your specific move-in day. If you do not receive an email with move-in information by July 31, 2023, please contact the leasing office. 




Where do I pick up my keys?

To reduce traffic in our leasing offices, we will have several check-in stations setup throughout State College. Please refer to your move-in email for details specific to your apartment. 


What do I need to do to complete my lease file in order to move in? 

In your move-in email, we will detail what information, if any, is missing from your lease file. In order to pick up your keys on move-in day, we MUST have the following information on file: 

  • Parental Co-signer (Guarantor) Forms 
  • All Lease Documents Signed 
  • Security Deposit Paid in Full 
  • Profile Picture Uploaded in Your Resident Portal 
  • August Rent Installment Paid in Full 



How can I purchase a parking pass for Fall semester if I live in downtown State College? 

Contact your leasing office.


How can I make my payments to my account prior to move-in? 

To help further reduce in-person contact during move-in, we ask that you make all payments prior to move-in day. You can mail a check or money order (no cash payments) made payable to The Apartment Store or you can pay online. Please note that the online payment system does charge transaction fees based on your payment. These fees start at $1.95 when you pay directly from your checking account and increase depending on the type of credit card used and the amount of the transaction. 




How do I access my Resident Portal? 

  1. Visit www.apartmentstore.com. 
  2. Select “Resident Info. 
  3. Click the “Resident Login” under the State College section. 
  4. If you have not already created an account, please fill out all the information under “Create a New Account.”  Be sure to use the email address used on your credit application.  If you experience any issues, please contact our office for assistance.  If you have already created an account, simply log in. 




How do I upload a profile picture? 

  1. Log into your Resident Portal
  2. Click the circle in the top, right corner of the screen
  3. A menu will appear, click Personal Information
  4. Click Add Profile Image and upload a profile picture of yourself
  5. Click Save


Can I have string lights in my apartment?

Please check your lease if you are allowed to have string lights, i.e. holiday lights, strip lights, or any lights with a sticker-like backing, as these can pull the paint off the walls when removed.  Some apartments will have places to hang decorations from plastic strips on the walls, but not all of them.




Prices & specials disclaimer: Some exclusions may apply. Rates listed are per person and subject to change at any time and will vary on the number of roommates.

Finishes and furnishings disclaimer: Finishes and floor plan details may vary by unit. Furnishings may vary by unit and number of roommates.