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When outside is not cooperating with the fact it is Spring, you can still spruce up your apartment! Spring is a time to grow and to refresh. Your apartment deserves some of that, too. A little love and effort can go a long way in making you feel better and helping to push through the last month of classes. All you needed is a bit of cleaning and some minor redecorating.  

The first step is some spring cleaning. It helps to first declutter and organize. Get rid of the buildup of hand outs, old notes or receipts, and donate old clothes you have not worn or will not wear. Reorganize your closet, dresser, desk and whatever else has slowly become a mess. Once all this stuff is gone and reorganized, there is suddenly more space (and uncovered dust bunnies).  Then comes the cleaning part. In addition to regular cleaning, get all the little things that normally get forgotten like the couch cushions, the closet floor, and the refrigerator. This may sound daunting and unfun, but it will make you feel better, and it shouldn’t take more than a day. Put on some music and gather your roommates for a cleaning day.  

Once everything is clean, it is time to think about your space. To bring spring into your space, think about colors and textures. Spring colors tend to be bright with textures that are light and flowy. Narrow your palette to a few colors that you and your roommates like and that are already found in your apartment. Then, identify more places to incorporate these colors throughout your apartment. Sticking to a few colors will create a theme that will make your place look and feel more collected and finished. Continue to lighten up the feel by replacing heavy winter blankets with light throws and changing out dark throw pillows with those of lighter colors and fabrics.   

Wall art is another great way to revamp your space. Everyone has tapestries and posters, but there are other ways to dress up your walls. Try looking at places like Goodwill for low cost options like clocks, mirrors, canvases, and old records. Used and vintage picture frames can provide a unique way to display personal photos and cool prints. If nothing there is appealing, get creative and try making your own art, like an abstract painting or design with cut paint samples like this. Handmade art makes your wall unique and creates an instant conversation starter.  

It wouldn’t truly feel like spring without some plants. Test your green thumb by growing something from a seed. Growing vegetable sprouts or herbs is a practical way to grow a plant that you can use. These grow in a few weeks and are packed with nutrients, clean your air, and smell good. If growing from a seed is not your style, try getting a house plant and aim to keep it alive. Some of the best house plants include peace lily, spider plant, and succulents. For extra color and minimal effort, try flowers. Find what you like and what works for you.  

Whatever you decided to do, make your apartment a space that is comfortable and relaxing for you. Design spaces to fit your lifestyle and personality, so you can be your best self.  

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