It is safe to say that this past year of the COVID-19 world has disrupted almost everything we knew and loved. Now that times seem to be shifting back to what we once knew, one thing, in particular, many are looking forward to is making its comeback…college sports are allowing fans again!

On June 1st, 2021, Penn State Athletics announced that like many other schools they will be allowing full capacity at their sporting events this fall! This news came to many people’s surprise but left everyone in sheer excitement!

Now for many, the idea of big crowds scares them, and many schools are not taking this lightly. They explained how they made this decision with the new CDC guidelines in mind, and plan to still enforce them come this fall. Unvaccinated guests should wear their masks upon entry, during, and after the game. This will help to limit the spread to those who were not vaccinated.

One thing that will be extremely exciting is the return of tailgating! Tailgating is half of the fun of football games! Now that fans are welcome, so are the RV’s, trucks, and SUVs that fill the fields surrounding the stadiums! Hundreds of thousands of fans will once again be able to celebrate the weekend with their friends and loved ones!

As we all know, COVID changed a lot of physical items into digital items. For example, Penn State is now converting to an entirely mobile ticketing system, which will allow for less physical contact. Although, this is nothing new for most students who purchase student tickets. Fans will now have their tickets stored on their smartphones and will be scanned upon entry to the stadium! This will come as an adjustment for many fans, yet it will be something that will make ticket purchasing easier in the future!

With all of this return, are you excited, nervous, or both? Sporting events will be alive and full again, and for many, that is a change they were not expecting yet. It’s normal to be a little anxious, but this change is good! It means that COVID-19 is hopefully a thing of the past! We can all put those gloomy days in the past and enjoy life without the fear of catching the virus!

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