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Now that the Spring semester is in its final weeks, some of you may be graduating, soon to be set off into the world.  Only thing is, how do you get out into world?  There’s so many opinions about where to start but, where do you start before you even start?  Confusing right?  Hopefully these tips will help you get the ball rolling after you walk across the stage and accept your diploma.

1.) Update Your Resume

This may seem like an obvious one but it is extremely important when applying for a job that you have a resume that represents you in the best light.  Most schools have career services that can assist you in updating or creating a well written resume.  Take advantage of those opportunities, it’s always a good idea to get a second pair of eyes on it before it gets sent out.

2.) Join Job Search Websites

Joining job search websites can be beneficial because you can get alerts to when jobs in your field are listed.  Being one of the first people to send in your resume to a job listing can show potential employers your willingness to work.  Even if you aren’t one of the first ones to apply, send it in anyways!  Usually there are multiple rounds of the application/interviewing process so don’t miss your chance!

3.) Research Companies

While it may seem important that companies want you to work for them, it’s also important to find a place that you want to work for.  Are their values and beliefs in line with yours?  It can make a big difference to work in a place that actually values its employees.

4.) Set a Goal of Daily/Weekly Job Applications

Applying for jobs can quickly become tiresome and frustrating.  One way to avoid feeling overwhelmed and like you have to apply to every single job you see in one day is setting a goal of how many jobs you will apply to everyday or every week.  This can make the application process feel a little less daunting and keeps you from burning out before you even start working.


Most people’s first jobs are not usually what they actually want to do, and that’s okay.  Your first job is a great way to dip your toes into the job market and get familiar with conducting yourself in the workplace.  There will always be mistakes made but it doesn’t mean you’ve failed, it means you’re learning.  Remember, jobs are not forever and if you don’t feel right about your position, you always have the option to leave.  Again, it’s a learning experience that everyone goes through.

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