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At The Apartment Store, we believe in more than just QUALITY living. We believe in showing LOYALTY to our resident guests. We believe in providing SUPERIOR customer service. In our day to day operations, The Apartment Store and its employees adhere to a set of standards. These standards are based on aesthetic ideals, behavioral expectations, and processes that operationalize our culture of service. For our resident guests, that means we take pride in keeping your apartments, common areas and clubhouses in a clean and fully-functional condition. It also means we will go out of our way to establish a community based on trust, mutual respect and accountability. In other words, we’re all in this together.

We recognize & appreciate that you are making a tremendous investment in yourself and your education. YOU are why we are here. The Apartment Store recognizes that everyone’s needs are different and has an option to fit your needs.

Prices & specials disclaimer: Some exclusions may apply.
Finishes and furnishings disclaimer: Finishes and floor plan details may vary by unit. Furnishings may vary by unit and number of roommates.

*Rates listed are per person and subject to change at any time and will vary on the number of roommates.