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Are you bored, yet? Social distancing: you either love it or hate it. Either way, the show must go on. You are likely working or studying from home – a new routine with so many potential distractions! Here are our best tips to help you get the most out of the next few weeks.


  1. Get up. It sounds so simple, but when there’s no place to be, it can be so hard to roll out of bed in the morning. Try to stay on a regular routine. Set your alarm for the same time every day, get up, and get moving.
  2. Get dressed. Any attempt to maintain normalcy in a seemingly chaotic time can go a long way in your productivity. The better you feel, the more motivated you will be to get things done.
  3. Create a dedicated workspace. Kitchen table, spare room, living room … find a place in your home where you can carve our a dedicated workspace. A dedicated space will help keep you organized an on task. It will also allow you to physically remove yourself from work after hours or during scheduled breaks throughout the day.
  4. Establish a schedule. Whether you are studying or working, keeping a daily schedule is key to staying on task. It’s so easy to let half the day slip away before getting a single thing accomplished. Keep a printed schedule where you can see it as a reminder to focus on the task at hand. Don’t forget to schedule lunch, too!
  5. Stay active. In addition to daily tasks and lunch breaks, schedule a time to be active. Take a walk outside or download a free online workout. Whatever you do, get the blood flowing and endorphins pumping to keep you awake and attentive.
  6. Limit distractions. This one’s hard. There’s always something to do around the house. Or that TV is just so tempting. Or social media. Or younger siblings running around the house. The list is endless. Try your best to create an environment that will allow you to completely concentrate on what you are doing. Scheduling the aforementioned breaks will help limit those distractions during work time.
  7. Daily to-do list. You can’t do everything in one day nor can you do everything at once. Sit down and prioritize an attainable list for each day. It will give you both direction and a feeling of accomplishment as you check things off your list.

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