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Winter break is over and it’s time to go into the Spring semester. It’s called “Spring Semester” yet your cheeks will be frozen for half of it! Maybe you’re lucky, and you love the cold weather, and can tolerate wearing layers of clothing (Or barely any) to and from parties. Kudos, all the power to you. But for the rest of us, the cold can put a damper on pretty much anything that involves leaving your apartment. The good thing is there is so much more you can accomplish by being a homebody than just staying warm this semester: 

Binge watch that new series or pick a genre of movies to watch all day 

Netflix and chill just turned into Netflix and stay warm all night. So, this option is the obvious go to option that everyone chooses when there’s nothing to do. But most people binge movies or shows they’ve already seen. Take binge to a whole different level and watch that series everyone is talking about, or read descriptions of movies you’ve never watched. The fun part about this is you can pick a different genre to watch every time you decide your bed is comfier than the cold. 


Have a board game night 

Okay, okay. I know this idea sounds very childish, but think about it. When was the last time you sat down and played a board game? We’re so invested in technology and our phones that we’re missing out on real interactions with our friends. In fact, companies have realized this and created games strictly based off of pop culture from the newest generations so we can have something to invest our time in that involves ACTUAL interaction. There is nothing like a little friendly competition through board games and it could end up leading you and your friends to having a board game night every week. Also, it’s bound to make you all much closer… unless you play Uno. That game destroys friendships. Play with caution. 


Watch tutorials on stuff you want to learn or improve 

Who says learning can’t be fun? Especially when it’s something you’re actually interested in. Maybe there’s something you always wanted to learn how to do or something you want to perfect, there are tutorials that can help you learn literally anything. Think of the effort you put into the courses that you can’t stand but unfortunately have to take. Now imagine lying in bed in PJs with headphones, learning how to do something you actually WANT to do. Whether it be how to beat that impossible level in Call of Duty or how to perfect your winged eyeliner, tutorials are the teachers of surviving boredom in an effective way. 


Learn a new recipe 

You want to know one of the best parts about growing up in a technology based generation? You don’t need to open a book anymore! Anyone can be a chef. No, I promise it’s really true. There are so many videos on social networks that get uploaded, re-posted and broken down for you step by step, so you can create delicious recipes. And as easy as it is to place an online order for delivery, it’s almost equally as easy (and less expensive) to cook. Let’s face it, there’s only so many times you can order pizza or sesame chicken. What better way to spend your night in than surprising and treating yourself with a delicious home cooked meal (or baked dessert) made by you! #TreatYoSelf 



With the beginning of the new year still feeling like negative degrees outside, you’re already destined to spend more time inside so, why not make it a space you want to stay in? Re-arrange some furniture, hang up some pictures and clean up those dust bunnies. Turn your apartment into the coolest hangout for you and your friends. You can make it cozier, more spacious and even embrace your inner Picasso by making some fun and cool décor of your own! 


Honestly, the list of things to do inside is endless and just depends on the kind of person you are. Maybe there’s a new video game you got that you can spend hours playing or a long overdue nap you need to take. Either way, you can always find something to do in your apartment so you don’t feel like a loser when you use the “I’m sick” card to your friends. 


by Cecily Giancaterino

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